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New header! Inspired once again, by Simple Plan. Before I made the header, I changed my blog’s title to “Summer Paradise” to “My Summer Paradise” and then “Her Summer Paradise”. I actually got the idea from Simple Plan’s new song called “Summer Paradise” and It’s summer so I made a Summer themed Theme. It’s actually a coincidence that I found a PNG in deviantart that has this phrase “Summer Paradise” XD

Not much happened, just sat in front of the computer and stalked Greyson a little. He’s already in Taiwan, we won’t be able to share the same air once again. :’( And I’m getting annoyed to this “Greybie” (Greyson Chance and Barbie Forteza) stuff. :|

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  1. fragilethorn said: ew Greybie. Sorry, Barbie Forteza fans.
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