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Hello Weekend! Sorry for the face pero minsan lang ako mag-ganto kaya just go with it. Other photos were posted on facebook. (;

The first three days of being a junior were alright. He still hasn’t spoken to me but get this, he made a formspring account and he followed me cause he made it using facebook and so and so and so and so. It happened like a week ago? Then last night, I checked his profile and saw that he answered some questions. I went to his account and saw the questions and it’s all about games related things. -_- lol, but there were still like 2 questions about non-gaming and yeah. He also thinks that Miami Heat will win but I’m supporting OKC Thunder. I support, not watch okay? lol. ((:

I checked my inbox and saw that he had a message in my inbox, at first I was like just screaming a little cause maybe it was like group message thingy. Then I checked the “Only for me” section and his message was there! I was really happpyy!!! haha, he asked me to follow him and he said his name. I want to answer sarcastically but he might notice it lol.

anyways, just because it’s weekend, it doesn’t mean that I will be online for the whole two days. I also need to sleep cause I get like 7 hours of sleep nowadays. (: I also need to study for the quizzes and stuffs. So don’t expect a lot of blogging this coming months, I’m now using a diary sooo. (;

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