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July 3, 2012 PLAID

Not much changes. I still haven’t talked to him and I’m getting the feeling that he’s trying to avoid me. Well, who wouldn’t? I’m like one of the awkward whales in the batch. lol. Did you know that my school was supposed to be suspended but somehow the school management continued the classes which is cool for me because when it was time to go home, he was in the hallway with his friend and me and my friend were also walking in the hallway and nothing happened. He and his friend were just in the hallway jejeje. :3

Anyways, you know the guy that I’m talking about that had the cute hair? The section heartthrob? Well, we’ve been “kind of” getting close to each other now because he’s like nice to all the girls. Also, one of the reasons why we’re getting close is that he saw the photo of Greyson Chance in my diary and he said that he is a G-word and I got mad but he took it as a joke and yeah. And have I blogged about how we have so many things in common? We even have the same sketchpad! lol, okay.

Also, just now, it was really cold in the classroom so I had to wear a jacket. But I have to take it off every once in a while because my jacket was gray but the school only allows black jacket. I know, ang arte ng school namin. -_-

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