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POSTED ON Apr 11, 2014 AT 06:00 PM \ 13 notes

So like, 2 months ago, I wanted to try to draw realistic people instead of cartoon like characters. The idea came when I saw a selfie of my sophomore schoolmate on instagram. I asked people to favorite my tweet if they would like me to try and draw them. So Ate Misha, Dems, Diego and Jill favorited it, but Jill didn’t sent in her picture so here are my first four sketches. I’m not quite happy with Dems’, though, sorry, dood. I only noticed the lack of details when I already scanned them. ;  n  ;

I also tried to draw Cara Delevigne and Oli Sykes but they look horrible so I decided to not post them hehe. I also suck at drawing mouths so sorry. :c

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Happy birthday, Aly (the bookworm)! Thank you for being an amazing and awesome internet friend and keeping up with my annoying way of living life haha. Enjoy your remaining days of being a junior and good luck to the rest of the years coming. I wish you all the best with your life, friends, family, fangirl life, blog and Louis ;D Hopefully, we’ll finally get to meet each other soon. ;’c study hard and may God bless you! Stay in school and stay pretty, my little panda-loving (online) friend!

- from you-know-who c:

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I shipped the two of them since last night. But of course, if Marshall Lee was real, I’d ship him with myself because he’s sooo hot. lol, but I don’t know the sound of his voice but I hope he has a cute voice. :”“> Like Finn’s voice. (((: hahaha.

This was supposed to be finished 2 hours ago but someone went to my room to get something and tripped on the plug of my computer which made me lost all of it. TT^TT huhuhu.

Well, it's finished now but I kinda made it real quick which took me for about two hours but it was worth it. :3 You can also watch me on Deviantart if you want. ((:

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I have a runny nose and I think I’ll have cold. I blame my aunt’s aircon and the car’s aircon. >.<

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I drew this last night for 3 hours, one of the reasons why I slept late. Yup, the ugly font is my summer handwriting. hahaha, the other font is Cee’s Hand Font’. This was actually a quick draw so I didn’t really mind my handwriting. I promise, next time, I’ll fix it. I’m inspired by chibird and adrengski. I’ll probably start doodling from now on with my thoughts on the caption. :) Unless, I get lazy or sooo. xD

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Song Playlist in my Blog!
  • Don’t worry, it’s not autoplay
  • Still worried because the links on my blogs doesn’t change.
  • Because I find it annoying when I want to copy the URL and bla! You know what I mean. >:D<

Playlist Artist: FM Static (1), A Rocket To The Moon (1), Amy Pearson (1),Taylor Swift (1), Shontelle (1), Kate Voegele (1), Janice Vidal (4), Demi Lovato(2).

I was going to include Auburn, Ina, Tynasha Keli, and some songs that you can only hear in the radio unless you have it downloaded on your computer but their genre isn’t really in the mood of the playlist? Bakit pa kaya naging PLAYLIST? :P Anyways,my favorite is Wish I Was Her and Stuck In Love With Each Other. =)

While I was making my playlist, I keep searching for Taylor Swift’s song Fearless on youtube that was Studio Version but somehow, I only found one and the video was very slow because of the videos design. -_-

Sorry that I didn’t post 2 days. I have my blog rule: 1 post per day and last April 8th, I posted 3 things so that includes April 9 to 10. :>

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What Happened Yesterday?

I know not so many of you will read this but I’m gonna type it anyway.

So I currently have 2 sketchpads and I already used the first one just now and doodled my name on the first page making it obvious that it is mine and my very first sketch is my books of The Mortal Instruments (look at the photos above to view it :3). I need to practice how to draw angles from an object and I am currently struggling. I’m having a hard time trying to draw the cover of City of Bones so I’m not yet done. :))

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I actually got the idea from the music video of Safe & Sound by Taylor Swift. She was suppose to be a vampire and then just turned her to Taylor Swift. I turned the white dress into a black dress. This is how I edit now my drawings from now on.

Outline - Color - Background (or not) - Don’t forget the credits!

I’m not going to turn my blog into a “my drawings blog” though. The good thing about this is I’m starting to appreciate my talent because of Clary Fray. I’m even planning to buy a sketchbook. 

We went to Market! Market! just now and I ask my aunt if I can work for her so I can buy a book and she said that if I clean my closet, she will buy me the book that I wanted so I agree. My closet is looking like a garbage dump anyway. :))

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Drew this last Thursday when our TLE teacher was discussing ‘cuz I was bored. Our teacher in TLE isn’t really the best teacher in TLE but she’s really really nice. :)) Drawing is my past time and it helps me get rid of boredness (I know, boredness isn’t even a real word. :)) I was actually going to draw me with him but I don’t know how to draw his hair because he has a “raised hair style” sooo yeah. :)) 

*I colored it using my photoshop :)

full resolution

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