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So yesterday, I met up with Janna so she can help me find a job. We went to Market! Market!’s Starbucks first and apparently they weren’t accepting resume and I must apply on their website. One of the Baristas gave me card and then we said our thank yous and goodbyes.

We then went to Serendra for Jamba Juice. First, we saw another Starbucks branch and then she decided to try applying for a job, too. And then she was asked for a resume. So Janna will come back on Sunday to try applying, too. I then I decided to come with her on Sunday.

We finally walked to Jamba Juice while it was raining and we approached a pretty worker and asked if we have a resume. I gave mine and then she said that she’ll just give it to their manager. Then she saw my The Maine pin and then she fangirled and omg girl crush ko na sya omg.

We went to SM Aura NBS next to find a bio data, but they weren’t selling any so we ate at Mcdo and just talk about random things. God, I miss this girl.


Fullybooked, and we chilled.

image image image image

Went back to Market! Market! NBS and tried to find a bio data. None. Walked around, ate ice cream, stared at people and then laughed so much, walked around again, laughed while walking and we were doing so much crazy things and some people were staring at us but we didn’t care, it was so much fun. 

We decided to go back to Serendra. On our way out, I saw some guys near Breadtalk, I thought it was Kreshin but I didn’t really looked at them, I just continued walking and somebody called me. Yep, it was Kreshin with his friend. Anyways, Serendra!!

image image image

And then somebody texted me if they can join us and nagpakilala na siya si Kreshin, I wondered how he got my number. Janna said that she doesn’t want them to join us so I just ignored the message.

Sat on the grass and talked about things.

image image image image

Went back to Market! Market! and found a bio-data at the Department store. Yaaaaayyyy.


And then we walked around, smelled some different perfumes, laughed, helped her find a gift for her LDR boyfriend, ran around, laughed, and acted like we were kids. Funnn. We were going to go home, and someone called me, it was Kantrex this time. I just said hi to them and then went to the Jeepneys. I stayed quiet the whole ride and when I reached my destination, I said “para.” and when I was about to go down, the jeep moved again. 

This is going to be embarrassing to say but I fell on my back in the middle of the road. Said “fuck.”, got up to my feet, went to the sidewalk, and when I saw my left hand, the wrist bone was dislocated. Then I touched my head, I felt the pain, and then I started to cry. A woman asked me if I’m okay, my vision was blurry and there were white lights everywhere. I thought I was going to die to be honest. She escorted me to the nearest place where there were lots of people. They helped me get in contact with my uncle but they couldn’t reach them. They elevated my arm and told me to calm down. I was crying so hard. Then they decided to drive me to my house. 

Our house helper freaked out and my uncle was at home. I was still crying, I looked pretty pathetic but my arm looked horrible and I was panicking. They said thank you for helping me and then drove to the hospital, drove by the part of the town where Potato lives and I cried even harder. The traffic was crazy so we went back home. I didn’t stopped crying until this afternoon, it still dislocated and it still hurts like a bitch. They still didn’t send me to the hospital.


I typed all these with only one arm and it’s hard as fuck. Also this may be tmi, but my period seems to be running late, and I hope it stays that way, or else I’m going to have a hard time. I really hope everything’s going to be fine even though they still didn’t make any effort to fix my bone.

Hey, I got my heart and wrist broken in less than a week. Definitely one of the best week ever. Still, I’m thanking God that I didn’t had an injury much worst than this. And one of my best uncle’s coming back home tomorrow. Almost all of my uncle are great on my mother’s side, but this uncle understands me and he always make me laugh. They were all great siblings, I just don’t know what happened to my aunt and she treats me like shit.

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Photodump: Last week of June 2014



Found this flower on our backyard, sadly, it’s dead now.







Took these photos while I was making a video. Sadly, I accidentally deleted all the videos. Damn it. haha.



Because Ed Sheeran’s ‘X’ album is out nooowww!!!




I cleaned my room, moved my table, and arranged my things while listening to Rx 93.1. They were also giving away tickets to Sam Tsui’s concert. I wanted to join but I was 101% sure that they won’t let me go anyway so.



Drew some things in the middle of the night and wrote some notes to take note of when applying for a job. Also, I decided to try applying for Jamba Juice hahahaha!

I literally never left this house in a week? Almost 2 weeks, and I’m slowly dying of depression and boredom. I hate my life. Oh, and my camera’s still fucked so I’m currently using my new phone. It’s okay, I guess. I mean it’s only 5 mega-pixels, but I can live with this.

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Last Post for 2012 - Thanks 2012! :D

this will be my last post for 2012 and let me just conclude that I’m so glad that I have crossed James Dean’s mind. He sent me a message saying a happy new year. Yup, I looked for a way to get a load since the one nearest to us doesn’t have any load left. My friend helped me, Thank you Recasa! :D Hahaha, anyways, thank you James Dean, for being with me since Christmas. Talking to me on facebook and greeting me a Merry Christmas when I was alone and today, greeting me a happy new year when I’m alone again. But now, you didn’t reply, thanks anyways, James Dean. I’m really glad that you even bothered to greet me. :D

Yup, I’m in front of my laptop right now while other people are playing outside and keeps on blowing ‘paputoks’ lol. I watched the movie cyber bullying just now and wow, it made me tear up for a lot of minutes. It’s a really great movie! ):

Happy New Year, guys! :D

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I guess it’s time for me to make my end-of-the-year-post since a lot of people just now posted theirs. lol, I don’t even know what these photos of clouds had anything to with this but meh, I’ve been doing it a lot so meh. Meh meh meh.

I guess this year had been fun. I discovered the music that I really like and I had a lot of new obsessions. Mostly Sleeping With Sirens lol. I want to thank them though, not only for the good music but also because I became close to someone (even though it’s only on the internet) because of them. It’s a long story but whenever he mentions them online, I feel special since I gave him all of their songs and music videos lol. Okay, so enough with him.

Well, I hated my section. HAHAHA. Hmm… what else? This is basically my worst year of high school ever. Oh, I gained many friends online! (yey for that!) XD I don’t know what else to say since my life’s boring! DX Anyways, I had a lot of thinking just now.

  • I’m going to do that jar thingy where I will out all the good things that happened to me there and open it at the end of the year.
  • I’m going to do the Project 52 this year! (=
  • I’ll try to be more mature when it comes to my posts on tumblr. (=
  • I’ll make more friends online! :D
  • I’ll try to control my mood from now on.
  • and hopefully, I won’t act like a child anymore. (=

So that’s it, I guess. Not much is it? XD hahahaha, hopefully, I’ll forget about ~*~Potato~*~ since he’s a snob and I don’t like him lolwat. Anyways, hi Czaira, if ever you’re reading this. :c Stop reading my blog lol. 

Okay I just want to add that I’m in a badmood right now. I just hate all of my classmates. |: om lol okay bye

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122112 - Christmas PATTY like it’s the end of the world! :D (in bullets)

  • Lol, our Christmas Party was so boring all the way! Only less than 20 students from our section came. Some didn’t get their exchange gifts idk.
  • Potato was in our room! Yey,  I keep on looking at him and omaygash he’s so cute. )):
  • I gave my gift to Ibizza, which is a Like A Boss Meme Shirt.
  • Then Ibizza said that it was too big.

Potato: Chynna, san mo nabili yan? 
Me: hmm? Greenhills! 
Potato: Saan? 
Me: Sa Greenhills! 
Potato: Magkano? 
Me: 200. 
Potato: Yan lang yung design o may iba pa? 
Me: Meron pang ibang designs. (: 
Potato: Ah okay.

  • My whole day became good vibes all the way! :D
  • By the way, he’s a huge fan of memes and he even created a page on facebook about it. hehe
  • Then Patty asked if I want her to take a photo of him and I was in denial at first but soon gave up.
  • He took 2 photos of him! omg, He’s soooo cute! :>
  • Then I took another one with his friends, it’s stolen btw. XD
  • Went to fourth floor because I followed my friends. 
  • Went to Market! Market! after.
  • McDo then Comic Alley then Timezone for a while.
  • I thought I left my Timezone card at my locker in school.
  • Then I left him for a while then I came back again.
  • He didn’t noticed me and his friends came and asked where he had been and he said “May naghahabol sa akin, pagod na nga ako eh”
  • Then I screamed then he widened his eyes and started running again but his friends held him and I said “Wag ka matakot sa akin, ka schoolmate mo naman ako eh =)))”
  • Then one of his friends “Siya si Moesha King.”
  • Then I held out my hand and said “Moesha King. :D”
  • Then he shook it and I touched his cheek, omaygash, ang lamboooot!!!! I’ll take a photo of him on January, I HAVE TO!
  • Someone cute was playing the drums but he was playing the really easy songs so hindi yun dagdag points haha! But a lot of girls were watching him and some of then were pushing each other. HAHAHA
  • When we already left to go to the Timezone in Serendra, I remembered that I placed it inside my journal.
  • Spell ‘stupid’. M-o-e-s-h-a ((=
  • Went to fully booked
  • used the elevator and we ended up in the top of the building.
  • Awkward! =)
  • Then Timezone again!
  • Photobooth then in the singing room. 
  • The photo of me planking was taken in the singing room.
  • hahaha!, pinagtinginan ako sa labas eh. (((=
  • Tekken then photobooth again. =)
  • I went home and I forgot my journal on Ibizza’s bag. Babasahin niya yun, promise ko! XD
  • hahaha! Fun daaaay! :D
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I was going to post this yesterday but the internet suddenly went down. lol.

Dear October,

I’m not asking you to be nice to me, I’m just asking for less bad luck in my life. Haha, anyways, I have more wishes but I guess none of them are important except that I wish my grades will be high this quarter.

October, did you know that you ‘kinda’ started this month with a good one? hahaha, well, my-not-so-crush-but-I’m-attracted-to-him-which-you-can-say-is-a-crush-lol asked when’s my birthday yesterday and I said “November 4, bakit?” he said that he’s just asking. Lol, I’m not really expecting much but I’m glad that he knows when’s my birthday is. (((:

While on the other hand, my crush doesn’t even know when’s my birthday or even know how old I am. Gosh… Eff you, _________, eff you. ))): haha, meh.

We had our “Cook an egg but don’t let the egg yolk break” just now in our TLE. And guess what? I DID IT!!! yey! :D hahaha. That’s the only special thing that happened. And I’ve been sharing with my friends the power of SWS music since yesterday and I think that they think that I’m annoying. :D oh well. :D

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This photo was taken last September 3. I was going to take a photo of the rainbow and an airplane came by! :D lol, anyways let’s get to the point where I will talk about what happened today yesterday (which has nothing to do with the photo above) ((:

I’m going to talk about yesterday, I was in a bad mood and I cried two times because there’s someone in my class who doesn’t mind what she says to people (that includes me). Well, she took it too far and I want to answer her back but I don’t want to get things worst so I just cried and I’ve been in a bad mood for hours. Well, screw her. :P lol, I wrote mean things about her in my diary. ((:

Okay, that’s it. I don’t want to talk about him anymore because I think that he’s trying to avoid me. TT.TT ))): If you want to be more updated with me (or not) you can follow my twitter: @MoeshaQueen (: 

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August 30, 2012

Okay sige, last na talaga ‘to for the mean time. hahaha, my really cliche background is getting so old, older than *insert something that’s really old here*.

  • He was absent…
  • I got a line of 7 in my Math and AP Subject. )):
  • I didn’t made it to the Top 10
  • and my friend’s being a total arrogant jerk.
  • She’s like shoving in my face that she got higher score than me.
  • I just  want to kick her hard in the face. -_-
  • Anyways, he was still absent.
  • I’m weird.
  • Sometimes I hate myself because of my weirdness.
  • I swear, if you know me in real life, you would hate because of my childishness. ):
  • He was still absent. lol, bye. ((:
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Am I over using my bokeh-friendly background? Yes? lol okay. xD

Today was our NCAE and my hands were tired just now because of all the shading the circles part. You know how you’re allowed to eat while taking the exam? Well, I was eating a Cloud 9 and there was a little caramel on the paper then I tried erasing it with an eraser but it only made things worst hahaha.

I was the one near the trash can so they would ask me to throw their garbage and yeah, I think it’s funny. :P Then bla bla bla, I kinda had an ~ eye contact ~ with ma crush but I was in the other room and he was outside and he just looked at me and I looked away and started being crazy again. xD

When it was time to go home, I want to see my friend’s house but then she started screaming that she doesn’t want me to come. Then my other crush was just behind us with his friends and then when she was already in the tricycle, I told her that I wanted to go then she doesn’t want to then ~Mr. Jerk~ (lol, that’s what I want to call him because I think that’s he’s a jerk, lol) called me and said that he has a Tom’s World coin but I didn’t understand what he said so I just made this “:O” expression and I went to him and he said “Sayo na lang.” and then I said “Okay, thank you, ano ‘to?” Then I walked away and went to my friend again but she still doesn’t want me to go. So I asked her to have my bag then I went to go home. 

I saw some student’s from my old school and then my classmate teased me (sort of) bla bla, I don’t know how to describe it and then I took a look at some of them and one of them was the guy that I was chatting with on facebook and I’m so embarrassed because he was looking at me and I think he knows who I am. hahaha, when I was already infront if the school, I saw him sitting outside so I sat, too, and pretended that I was taking a rest and went to get something then I went inside the school to take the shortcut. and bla bla bla. haaayyzzz…

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  • I woke up at exactly 4:36 am and saw that my laptop beside me, it was on and it was on facebook. Darn… I fell asleep last night. I was only suppose to take a nap but ended up sleeping. -_- So I updated my facebook status about it and went back to sleep.
  • I had a nightmare.
  • Woke up at 9 am and took my breakfast.
  • We fetched my uncle from the airport because he just arrived from Canad and he bought us some chocolates! I took a big milk toblerone, MnM and milkyway because those are the only chocolates that I like.
  • Then my other came and taught me a little about playing guitar and chu chu~
  • Then we were suppose to go Greenhills but my aunt changed her mind and said that we’ll go to Market! Market! instead.
  • I was wearing my aunt’s laptop backpack around the mall and I felt comfortable wearing it. hahaha
  • We went around and my aunt just looked around the mall for a casing for her tablet and stuffs.
  • Then we went to eat outside the mall. You know, the food stands with filipino foods and all? lol
  • I ate three and half rice (hooray for being matakaw) (((=
  • Then my uncle gave a 1k bill to buy the stuffs I want but I didn’t bought anything. :P
  • I started to think about emotional things and I don’t want to talk about it because I think it’s too emotional. ):
  • We went home. (:
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